Digital Bathroom Body Fat Scale


  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Surface material:High strength tempered glass
  • Body material:ABS environmental protection materials
  • Door mat:Elastic antiskid pad
  • Display mode:LED Mode
  • Display Size:80mm*35mm
  • Product size:300mm*300mm*30mm
  • Product weight:1.5KG
  • Power supply:3pc*Number seven battery,but the product itself does not contain batteries
  • Measurement unit:KG/LB/ST,Three modes, arbitrary adjustment
  • This body fat says seven human data can be displayed,these include: Body weight, body fat rate, water content, bone content, muscle content, BMI, calories,before calculating these data, you need to input your height and age
  • Weighing range:5-180kg/11-400 pounds
  • Measurement accuracy:±0.3KG
  • Dividing value:100g
  • Switch mode:Automatic switch machine, which is called automatic switch off, is called automatic shutdown.
  • Keystroke:Bottom key conversion unit
  • Standby time:180 Days
  • Product selling point:The weighing is accurate and the seven data of the human body are displayed,Contain
  • Please note that:Weight scales should be placed on a relatively hard floor to measure weight, and the accuracy of measurement results will be affected by soft places such as carpets.

Package Content:

  • 1*Accurate Body Bathroom Fat Scale Display Seven Ttems Of Data 180KG/400 Pounds


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