Children Summer Beach Toy Set Digging Sandglass Pirate Ship

Playing with sand is the nature of children, and the freedom that baby longs for
If you have time, you can often take your baby to the beach to have fun


  • Best gift for child, perfect for stimulating kid’s imagination.
  • Weekends or holidays bring it to beach, Kids can use it to play sand and water, really much fun.
  • Easy to carry, Perfect for beach, sand beach, seaside, swimming pool, bathtub etc.
  • Unique shapes and bright colors, can attract children's attention.
  • Proper exercise: Trigger to promote the flexibility of your baby fingers, stimulate the baby's curiosity, exercise your baby's palm grip.
  • Let the baby do it himself, swimming pool, bathtub, outdoor can play, let the baby fall in love with Summer.


  • Material: ABS
  • Package weight: About 1263g
  • Package size: 14.4×32×46.5cm/5.6×12.6×18.3in

Package contents:

  • 1 x Set of pirate ship sand water table(24PCS)


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